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Providing Holistic Health
for the Whole Family

pediatric chiropractic adjustment

It is our mission

to empower our community to seek healing and wellness through gentle and specific chiropractic care that aims to restore optimal function of the nervous system. We are firm believers in the power of God and His divine plan for the good of His people. We hope to hold a space to grow in community and find spiritual, mental, and physical healing. 

Our Story

co-owners of Alpha & Omega Chiropractic

The name of our practice has a very special meaning to us here at Alpha & Omega Chiropractic. 


Alpha & Omega: beginning and the end


In the bible God is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Here at Alpha & Omega, we live to serve Him and make His greatness known.


It is our hope that we can serve, grow, learn, and heal with families in our community from the beginning stages of life until the end of our experience together.



To share a space, designed for the whole family, to heal, restore, and reach our fullest potential.



To cultivate a community of

like minded individuals who support and empower one another throughout their wellness journey.


We love the girls at A & O!! They have been amazing at taking care of my overall health- more than just back and neck pain. They listen and do their very best to make sure you’re feeling better as soon as you’re leaving the office.
I would recommend A & O to anyone who is looking for chiropractic care!

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