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Alpha & Omega Merchandise

Supplements we recommend

 While most of us do our best to get most of our micronutrients through our diet, we understand there's a need for supplementation in a lot of cases. Check out our recommendations on the site or feel free to contact us for personalized supplement recommendations! We also carry our "most recommended" wellness supplements in the office so feel free to stop by and stock up while you're at A&O. 


We are thrilled to share our recent partnership with ElderB! They are a family owned and local to DFW elderberry brand. We carry their Elderberry syrup currently and are working to provide the opportunity to purchase Colloidal silver and other wellness products in the near future. Elderberry syrup helps with boosting your immune system, getting rid of stubborn coughs, allergies, as well as many other amazing health benefits! If you are interested in purchasing quality Elderberry syrup and are local to Keller, TX then feel free to come by and grab a bottle or 2 for you and your family!

Have a local wellness brand you want us to carry?

We love hearing from you guys! If you know of a local Keller wellness brand that would be a great fit for us to carry in our practice, feel free to send us a DM on instagram or shoot us an email. We love our Keller community and want to support local as much as we can so thank you for helping us in that mission!

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