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Kick The Sick This "Flu Season"

You have probably heard the phrase "oh well it is flu season" about 100 times since the fall started. What if we told you the flu isn't necessarily contained by a "season" but people just tend to get sick more often during the fall and winter months. Why? That's exactly what we are here to tell you, so buckle up and get ready for the "why" behind this season and applicable tips you and your family can use to prevent it.

Let's jump right into it... why do people tend to get the flu during these fall and winter months?

It's simple, our immune system is weaker. The flu exists year round but during these months, our immune systems are weakened enough for our body's to be impacted by these common ailments (ie. influenza, strep, common cold). We are also exposed to these pathogens more often during these months than in the spring and summer. Once again..why is that the case? We are indoors significantly more due to the cooler weather. Time spent indoors means less air filtration and higher exposure to pathogens. Time spent outdoors means more natural air filtration and lower exposure to pathogens. Another cause of frequent sickness during this season is the lack of exposure to the sun. Most of us know that sunlight provides our body with Vitamin D which is much needed for optimal immune system function. When we spend less time outdoors, we do not naturally absorb as much Vitamin D so supplementation is required. Last but definitely not least, our nervous systems are in a state of stress more often. Holidays, family gatherings, school functions, events galore cause an increase in stress and sympathetic activity in the nervous system. It is vital for our bodies to spend time in a parasympathetic state so that we can get quality rest, digest our food, and heal from any ailments or injuries. Sound likes the cards are stacked against us, right? Let's talk what we can do to combat all of it.

What can we do to "Kick the Sick?"

  • Spend time outdoors

  • Supplement with Vitamin D if you are deficient

  • Take time to rest

  • Eat quality and nutrient dense foods

  • Stay consistent with chiropractic care

  • Do something to unwind (Infrared sauna, breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, journaling, etc)

  • Drink WATER

This isn't an all encompassing list, but it is a great place to start! Our bodies are tired, nutrient deficient, stressed, and dehydrated and we wonder why we get sick easier and feel run down all of the time. By going back to the basics, we can make huge progress in our overall well-being during this season.

Is there anything else we can be doing?

We find that the basics listed above can make a night and day of difference in our community. However, we have a few other things that we recommend if you have the means or are looking for that missing piece to keep your family well.

  • Purify your air indoors: We know that the weather can prevent us from getting outside into fresh air as often as we want so there's the option to purify your air indoors so you're breathing clean and fresh air when at home. Here are a few different options at all different price points, depending on your budget:

-Air Doctor Air Purifier: this will be the most expensive option, but Air Doctor has thousands of 5 star reviews for a reason!

-PuroAir purifier: this is the filter that Dr. Morgan has in her home to help with pet hair, pollen, and air pollutants in her home. It is smaller, but still a great option!

-Indoor plants: this might not seem like an obvious option but plants are incredible at purifying the air. There are certain plants that purify air "better" than others but a few favorites in our office are: pothos, snake plants, and alo vera.

  • Supplement your diet with supplements that are designed to fortify your immune system. A few of our favorites are Elderberry syrup, zinc, Vitamin D, and D-Histamine. If you go to "Products we love" you will find the link to these supplements. We also carry ElderB in our office so next time you stop in, feel free to snag local and high performing Elderberry syrup.

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